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Jim and Karen Around the World

Lannin Travels
Top Row from left
• Gallipoli - The Dardanelles, Turkey
• Eiffel Tower - Paris, France
• The Coliseum - Rome, Italy
• The Arc de Triomphe - Paris, France
Château Frontenac - Quebec Ciry, Quebec, Canada.

Middle Row from left
• The Fort of Saint Nicholas Guards Mandraki Harbor, Rhodos, Greece
• Jim and Karen - Dubrovnik, Croatia
• Window Rock - Valley of Fire State Park, Clark County, Nevada, USA
• A Red Butte - Sedona, Arizona, USA

Bottom Row from left
• The Longest Match Sign (Isner-Mahut Match) - Wimbledon, London, England
• The Rialto Bridge - Venice, Italy
• The Tower Bridge - London, England;
• Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - Syntagma Square, Athens, Greece